Thursday 16 June 2016

Blog Tour: Day 4, splashing with Joanne

Today I get to be a proud mum, because Joanne Faries is asking me about my kids.

I'm going to be a but slow replying today, however, because I'm meeting a friend for a hot chocolate - which always turns into at least two, and then some shopping as well.

When I get home, England will playing in Euro2016, against Wales, which will probably end up being a very nervy and nail-biting game.

And here's a picture of hot chocolate, and Artoo, who seems to enjoy hanging out with my blogging buddies now!


  1. Go enjoy hot chocolate with a friend. We'll wait. Artoo might not though...

  2. glad you came to visit me today - quite a contrast from hot chocolate to margaritas and Tex Mex food.

  3. Hope you enjoyed the football, Annalisa!

  4. Football v hot chocolate. Hot chocolate v football. Chocolate wins 1-0!

  5. Hi Annalisa,

    You were certainly correct about it being, "a very nervy and nail-biting game." Hot chocolate and Artoo. Penny says *arf!* to Artoo!

    I shall share your post.



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