Tuesday 28 June 2016

Blog Tour: Day 12, marketing with Sandra

Good effort, Iceland...

And moving on, today I'm with Sandra Cox, talking marketing, or lack thereof. This is a topic that always makes me shudder, because I never know the best way to do it... Like revising for exams - I used to spend more time on the revision timetable than the actual revising!

Today's photo is of me, dazed and confused, after the Costa Award ceremony. Coincidentally, dazed and confused is how I approach marketing...


  1. I think that's how we all approach it.

  2. I've been poking at it like it's a dangerous snake and then running away in fear only to creep back and poke it again.

  3. sadly, your England approached their football dazed and confused. I was a marketing major and I'm horrible at implementing it

  4. Now you have no choice but to support Wales ;) It's still patriotic, technically!

  5. I'm pretty sure we all approach marketing either dazed and confused or terrified.


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