Friday 24 June 2016

Blog Tour: Day 10, with queen Elizabeth Seckman

Yesterday, Britain voted in the EU referendum.

(I'm actually writing this last night, just as the polls are closing, so I have no idea of the result - all I know is we've been left with a deeply divided country which will take a long time to heal.)

Anyway, that's as political as I'm ever going to get on this blog. There's no football talk today, either, because no one played last night - it was weird not to have a match to watch mid-afternoon.

Elizabeth Seckman's blog is today's stop, talking about my favourite monarch... any guesses?

No, it's not this guy, although a long time ago - when I worked in a library and had a desk in an office, Alastair Mackenzie was definitely one of my pin-ups!

I've given up (um, did I start?) replying to the comments on this blog for the time being. Keeping up with the tour posts, drinking hot chocolate with all my friends and relations, working, and editing my WIP (two chapters to go!) has been challenging. My plan is to go back over all the comments at the end, and go visiting.

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  1. a lot happened overnight, that's for sure.. keep having fun!! Enjoy the weekend

  2. I know what you mean, lots going on and to think about. Hope the tour is going well, I'm trying to catch up on the last stops now!

  3. A friend told me that when she was watching Fox News, they said that the UK voted to leave the UN. :)

  4. Brexit has been a huge topic of conversation where I work in Germany, as we have many employees from the UK.

  5. I'll check out Elizabeth's blog. Yes, with time comes healing.

  6. Getting the news about the UK vote was shocking. I'm impressed you'd even go back and review all those comments. I'm sure there's a ton. Just know we're all supporting you!


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