Thursday 5 January 2012

A Kindle request

I've just downloaded the Kindle app onto my laptop. I know, I know... it's taken a long time, but I've finally joined the 21st century.

Now, whenever I've read blogs mentioning Kindle releases, I've nodded politely and offered congratulations, but I've not been that interested because I've known I wouldn't be able to access them. Well, now I can...

What I'd really love is for you to tempt me to buy your book. I obviously can't promise to buy everything - however much I'd love to - because it's January and my wallet is suffering from Christmas lethargy.

Over to you...


  1. They aren't my books, but the ones currently on my Kindle app is Become - Ali Cross; Untraceable - S R Johannes; Open Minds - Susan Kaye Quinn; Bound - CK Bryant. The nice thing is these are all really good prices for good books. Win win!

  2. Ohh! Congratulations! I want a kindle too. For now I'm using the free one I downloaded for PC. You must be so happy!

  3. Thanks Tasha, I'll check those out.

    Marta - it's the free download I've got. I still don't think I want a proper Kindle, this seemed a good compromise.

  4. I've just downloaded the app too!

    I don't have an ebook published but one of my projects this year is to look into doing that. I haven't done the research yet so don't know if I'll go ahead with it.

  5. That is awesome! Welcome to the world of the eBook. My first book, CassaStar, is an eBook for Kindle, and a lot of my blogger buddies who've never even read a science fiction book before enjoyed it.
    That's my best plug. I'm not much on self-promotion.

  6. Patsy - I'm not sure I'd want to publish myself. I like the reassurance of knowing at least an editor likes my work. I'll watch closely to see what you decide.

    Alex - congratulations, you're my first download. I'm looking forward to reading it - I've probably only ever read 3 sci-fi books.

  7. Annalisa - you can hire your own editor before publishing your work and get beta readers to read and critique before it gets published. That's what I did before I published mine. I also used an editing program called "Serenity Software" which improved my writing. It catches grammar, spelling, punctuation, jargon, repetition, homonyms, wordy phrases, cliches and much more. It's still a program so sometimes you have to be careful what you change so the voice of your work is not lost.
    Having said that, my second one comes out in ebook this spring. It's the follow up novella to Two Halves.

  8. Woman of Honor is the first book in my fantasy romance trilogy. It's about Aislinn, a young girl who wants to become a knight. She's willing to give up everything for the Kingdom of Arnhem - her childhood, her life, even her heart. No matter the pain it brings.

  9. I haven't got a book, but congratulations on downloading the app :-)

  10. I can send you my eBook for free for your Kindle app, but only if you like crazy teen comedy stories with vampire romance and zombies in them. lol

  11. Congratulations! Now you will get to find out how tempting it is to buy more and more books because, well, it's just so easy!

  12. My novelette, Semper Audacia, is on Kindle. I have free reads, which you can download for kindle up on Smashwords. You don't even have to sign up to download the freebies.

  13. Marta - you make it sound so easy. Having said that, it still brought me out in a cold sweat :-)

    Nicole - I've never actually read fantasy, so I'll check yours out.

    Sarah - I feel very accomplished, right now :-)

    Suz - it wasn't my intention to solicit free copies, but if you're offering that would be lovely, thank you.

    Rachel - I've noticed that already. I think I might have to have a Kindle budget (and stick to it!)

    M Pax - I'll check that out too, thanks.


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