Friday 18 April 2014

40 - argh! - Charlie's Scribes

In honour of my birthday, I decided to invite some fabulous bloggers to help me celebrate.
Their task? To create a post with the theme 40. Today's final post is brought to you from the very special minds of Charlie's Scribes...

We've all heard about the beauty of saying YES...
but sometimes saying NO is a wonderful thing too.
Saying NO could save you from a mental break down or an STD.
NO is a wonderful word.
Learn it.
Love it.
Flaunt it.

And if just saying NO is too boring for you...
here's 40 ways to do it...saying NO, that is... in honor of Annalisa's 40th birthday!!

Nee Non Lo Nahi Jo Ara Nem Nei

La Nein Tidak Ni Voch Ohee Ni No

Deyil Pa Nai Aniyo Nie Non Ne Tidak

Bu Ma Na Nie Nej Nao Nu Niet

Ei Hapana Nej Mai Hindi Khong Illai Naaku Vaddu

Oh wait, Elizabeth! Mark and I came up with some stellar NO's, too. But to avoid the STD bit. We hear it'll ADD 40 more years!!
It's not you, it's the game...NO look it's starting on ESPN!
NO wait, let's do our taxes first. And recheck last years!
NO, I think we should wait till we're other people.
NO it's not the dress but the burgers that make your butt look big.
NO, I'll respect you in the morning - what's your name again?
I like to facetime during. Is that a NO?
NO I'm ready. I'll Tweet and Facebook update that I'll be back in 5 mins.
Has my baldness spread to my groin? Because it's dry and itchy. NO that's not balding!
NO? But the toupee clips back on!
NO Karma Sutra, I'm more in the mood for Mexican or Thai food really.
NO you can turn off the lights. I like that, too. **snores**

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  1. The balding one is disturbing. That one just might cause an STD...

  2. NO way that this is not the funniest birthday salute ever. Very clever scribes.

  3. Hi Annalisa - what a fabulous posting for your 40th - great the Scribes had plenty of time for you and didn't say NO!! Enjoy all of these .. turning 40 is becoming fun .. cheers Hilary

  4. Aha and it takes those three crazy humans to come over here and join the party. One of them has smoked a few too many grass skirts. Oh, hello humans, Tam-bare, Elizabeth and um that other one, oh yeah, Sir Mazza!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)


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