Thursday 1 December 2011

My 100th Post!!!

Okay, I know this is my third post in four days, but I couldn't wait... It's my blog's centenary! 

Wow - one hundred posts!

So much has happened in the last 16 months - two competition wins and now on the verge of having a novella published. Who'd've thought it! Certainly not me!

When I first started this blog I had three followers for a very long time - three very important followers, because if it hadn't been for them, I doubt I would have lasted very long. I simply hadn't appreciated the work and time I had to put in to gain more. As you can see from this post a few weeks ago, I've only just figured it out.

In those early days, some posts were never even read. I know!! It's like baking a cake that never gets eaten, or buying shoes that'll never be worn.

So, now... I've started to feel a bit sorry for those poor lonely posts, so to mark my centenary here they are, in all their original glory. Be gentle with them, they're very shy! (I have purposefully not read them, so that I wouldn't be tempted to self-edit.)

My writing day - first appeared 30 July 2010

Hmph! - first appeared 25 August 2010

There's always something new to learn - first appeared 30 October 2010

A general chat - first appeared 16 November 2010

Here's to the next 100 posts! My hope by the next anniversary is that I'll have my novel ready to submit, I'll be in the middle of submitting or even publishing a trilogy of novellas, and I'll have a stock of new stories to enter into the many competitions I've bookmarked over the next six months. That'll be enough to keep me out of trouble!


  1. Congratulations!!! This wonderful news. Celebrate in style and have wonderful rest of the week. :)

  2. Thanks Melissa - I'm somewhat shocked that I've stuck it out this long!

  3. Happy post birthday!! So glad to hear that your Novella is on the verge of being published, that's awesome news! 16 months, wow. I've only been doing this for eight months (and believe me sometime I want to quit too) Congrats again!

  4. Happy 100th to your blog!! And congrats on the Novella.

  5. Congratulations on your first 100 posts. It's lovely to watch a blog grow isn't it. I love the feel of bloggers engaging, chatting and sharing. Here's to many more posts!

  6. Thanks guys! I really think everything's starting to take off. I'm so glad I made the decision to start a blog - I've met so many lovely people and learnt so many things from them/you!

  7. Congrats on 100 posts! I have a long way to go to catch up with you. This whole blogging thing is a lot of fun, but definitely a lot of work too. I didn't used to care about how many followers I had, and now somehow it's a "thing". Sigh. I always enjoy reading your posts, and can't wait for 100 more!!

  8. Hi Karen - I've been following for a little while, I just don't always get around to commenting! Nice to meet you too. Thanks for stopping by.

    S.L. - Thank you. It is fun, but the numbers do get compulsive!

  9. Congratulations Annalisa, I'm so glad you decided to stay :-)

  10. Thank you Sarah - it's too much fun to walk away!

  11. Thanks for stopping back to my blog.



  12. Happy Centenary!
    And congratulations on your 100th post! I'll give the earlier ones a read too:) I always like vising your blog. This Wednesday I'm hosting a blog hop for the Insecure Writer's Workshop (Alex J. Cavanaugh's and Matthew MacNish's baby). I found it helpful in creating a greater following if you'd like to join in:)

  13. Hi Marta, and thanks so much. I have been 'Insecure' for the past few months, and I will be again this month (not sure what about, though)

  14. Happy 100th post! That is fantastic!

  15. Hey Annalisa! Saw your blog over at Mel's Imaginarium - I'm a follower now :-)

    Congrats to your 100th blog post!

  16. Welcome to my blog Maynard! It's nice to meet you.


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