Wednesday 25 August 2010


I'm going to totally ignore that I planned to share the link to my winning short story, on account of the fact that technology hates me. I cannot work out how to get the link into my post, let alone make it a pretty imbeded link that merely says here in a colourful font. (Well, that explains why this post is entitled Hmph!)

Instead, I turned to sending out new competition entries. Last week I sent an entry via email; this week I needed to send one via snail mail, and I admit I prefer doing it this way. Although the web is quicker, cheaper and allows you to submit a story the day before the closing deadline (so perfect for my unorganised self), I do like to hold the envelope in my hand, kiss it quickly (and very suureptiously) and hear that plop into the postbox.

I love entering competitions. Years ago, I'd trawl Writers News for magazines and send unsoliticted stories. This worked, somewhat. But there were always the return of post rejections which had obviously not even been opened. By entering competitions, you guarantee that someone will read your story. And, after all, that's the reason I write. I can't ever imagine not writing, but writing knowing it would never get read would rob me of some of the pleasure. Like an artist who never showed her painting, or a musician who only ever played in a sound-proof room.

So, this is a big thank you to whoever is going to read the short story that I've just kissed!!


  1. Did you ever publish your short stories? It's easy to do it by yourself. There's a big market out there for it. If you have more than one you can do them individually, then as a collection as start having an author presence before your novella is out:)

  2. Some of them are published, Marta, others aren't. I've always avoided self-publishing, because I'm an old-fashioned writer in the sense that I need the validation of a publisher behind me - someone who truly knows that my work is genius (lol... or maybe just a bit good). I'm still uncertain about it now that Kindle et al make it so much easier and cheaper.


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