Tuesday 19 April 2011

Impatience is not a virtue

This is just a quick update, to prove I haven't forgotten I write a blog. The school Easter holidays have eaten - very slightly - into my writing time, and for some reason Facebook has featured prominently in almost every session at my computer recently. I'm determined to get that in check before it becomes a full blown addiction. I like it too much to have to delete my account.

I'm still planning to do the May - You Write Your Novel challenge, but boy! - is the wait tough. I just want to get started. I've written notes so copious that I have actually started and finished the novel - albeit in 21,000 words. So the 80,000 challenge is still on.

Today, as I pummelled my body at the gym, the ending popped into my head! Yes, Reader, I have an ending! The last page, the last paragraph and even the very last sentence. Which is exciting in itself, as I wasn't sure what would happen to all these strange people I've created. This ending will be kept in hand-written form until the rest of the novel is fully written after the 80 days, so that I can say that I have kept - however loosely - to the concept of the challenge.

12 days to go!


  1. Good luck! It's lovely when things like that happen. If you have the ending, the rest of the book will come :D

    The school holidays always eat into my writing time... but they will not be kids forever, and I write to work around my kids too.

    Never delete Facebook... but yeah, you do have to keep it under control. Time can be so easily lost there.

    1. This was my Facebook memory from 2011, Teresa :-) It's funny how so much of it is still relevant though. I'm still spending far too much time on Facebook, but wouldn't even consider deleting it now!

  2. Oh, gosh, I didn't even look at the date. But hey, just shows exercise is great for breeding the plot bunnies. And Facebook is good for keeping in touch with people, for research, and good to escape once in a while.


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