Wednesday 27 April 2011

Four days to go!

In four days' time, I'll be pounding my computer keys determined to write 80,000 words in 80 days . And I think I'm just about ready to start. I'll be putting away my current short story and finishing off some research. I'm having an SAS/FBI/Special Forces problem at the moment - namely, I'm not sure who would be involved in the situation my characters will find themselves in. (I know it won't be the FBI, by the way, but it's their equivilent I'm struggling over.)

I've also got my title finally sorted. This was worrying me slightly, as I'm really bad at starting anything without a title. I had one, but as I thought about the plot and made notes, that title became obsolete. So, after a while I came up with 'THE SLEEPER' which fits at the moment. I didn't say it had to be a good title, just a title!

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