Thursday 13 January 2011

Take two aspirin and plenty of fluids

It's official - I have writer's block.

For those of you who don't know, catching writer's block is a bit like catching a cold - you wake up in the morning with a bit of a sniffle, you develop a cough, you take Vitamin C and a couple of Lemsips and hope you've done enough to ward it off. You go to bed early with a headache, but the next day, there it is, a fully developed cold.

The timing is particularly bad, as I was preparing and planning to kick off 2011 with the most astounding prose the world as ever seen - hitting the ground running and beating my three competition wins of last year. It's like waiting for the new bike you know your parents are going to buy you for your birthday, but breaking your arm the day before and not being able to ride it for six weeks.

The words are in my head, but the connection to my pen/keyboard is broken. Unfortunately there's no quick fix and I'll just have to ride it out, read plenty and try not to panic!! (The exclamation marks do not in any way denote panic!)

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