Tuesday 11 January 2011

Place fingers on keybaord and type until finished

I'm finding settling back down into the writing routine a bit tough. The kids are back to school, and the house is quiet except for the music I choose to play, yet....

My current short story is being written one sentence at a time - which might seem the logical way to write, but I mean, one sentence... stop, empty the bin, make a cuppa, check the news headlines... next sentence... delete sentence.... put clothes in washing machine...

Well, you get the idea. The problem is I started writing without a title, and the title always - well, normally - comes first. So now I'm wandering around the page, picking up and putting down words as I go, and staring out of the window a lot. It's very annoying because the story has all my favourite ingredients: a dead body, a shadowy unnamed main character, and a forboding sense of doom.

I hope it's not the start of writers block - I had that once and it lasted a couple of years. It was so bad I couldn't imagine ever writing again. Right now, I just can't imagine ever making sense again.

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