Monday 5 October 2015

I'm a housewife really...

... Well, I must be because the lovely ladies at the Really Real Housewives blog have asked me over for the week.

I promise to be a good guest, tidy up after myself, and cook dessert on Wednesday!

Pop back here on Wednesday, though, when I will be sharing just how brilliant at dessert-making I really am.


  1. sounds like the Housewives are in for an eye-opening experience. Be brilliant and have fun

  2. Hi Annalisa - sounds like the drummed you in? Still I suspect you will enjoy your visits - dessert sounds a good day to be around ... cheers Hilary

  3. Sounds like fun:) Keep us posted.

  4. You're as real as I will ever be! Glad you came to visit. You'll have to come over all the time :)

  5. Look forward to the tips and recipes!


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