Monday 3 June 2013

Kicking off at Christine's place

Today I am mostly going to be drinking coffee with a friend and gossiping in the sun, while That Sadie Thing goes off on tour.

Today I'm over on Christine Rain's blog talking about Tasting the Grass, which was my first ever story to be accepted, a whopping 19 years ago. While I curl up into a tiny little ball and bemoan the passing of time, why not pop over and see what I have to say!


  1. Enjoyed your post over at Christine's place.

  2. I've discovered you through Christine's blog and added That Sadie Thing to my Goodreads TBR. Looks interesting.

  3. that cover shocks me every time i see it!
    i'll stop by christine's =)

  4. Heading over now. Happy Monday!

  5. I'm a bit late, but off to Christines's place now--------


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