Thursday 3 November 2011


I have thirteen followers!!! Yay!!!

So, a big welcome to my brand new followers Maldita, Melissa and Robyn! At the moment, I can't figure out how to follow people from Friend Connect - is it possible?

Please have a look around my blog and make yourselves at home. Sorry I haven't tidied up, but I wasn't expecting visitors.


  1. hi annalisa...thank you for the warm and rather prompt welcome...i think you write very well...i used to be a journalist (i was features editor of a business paper here in the philippines) but now i really want to try creative writing...your blog is one of the few that i actually liked (well i still like it)...

  2. Thank you Maldita - it's nice to know my blog is being enjoyed. Good luck with the creative writing - have you written anything yet?

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog.

    I read your previous post and blog hop's are a great way to gain new followers. Post about what ever comes to mind that day. Your blog is your little universe where you can express yourself and be creatively free.

  4. I've not stopped by for a while, as you know, and now I pop by and you have a whole new look! It's looking great Annalisa :)

  5. Hi Murees, I thought I'd replied to your comment, but obviously not. You put it very succinctly when you say this blog is my own little universe - I like the sound of that.

    Rebecca - it's really good to see you back. I think a new blog look is much better than a new hairdo! I'm glad you like it.

  6. ...welcome to the family, dearest. As you'll soon realize for yourself, us writerly folk here on Blogger have become quite the support group.

    So very nice to meet you ;)



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