Monday 24 October 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

My blog has been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, by Teresa at The Wittering Woman.

I now have to tell you seven things about me (I assume they should be interesting, but that's a step too far), and then nominate fifteen - FIFTEEN!! - blogs to pass the award on to.

So here goes:
1) I love the book Pride & Prejudice. I LURVE it. I read it at least once a year, and if I ever find myself ill in bed, I bring out the BBC Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle version. I own two copies of the book - one is a beautiful copy that was given as a leaving present from my job in a library.

2) I swapped a job in a library for a job in a gym.

3) I got very excited the day I managed to leg press 100kg at the gym. Since then, I've backtracked somewhat - but my goal is to get to 105kg. Oh, and complete a pull-up.

4) I support Manchester City - so I'm quite happy at the moment.

5) I hate shopping, even when I have something to shop for - I usually get frustrated and go to Thorntons for a hot chocolate (they give you a free choc with every cup - why go anywhere else?!)

6) I love listening to bagpipes.

7) I'm very bad at following new blogs, and therefore might have trouble finding fifteen blogs to nominate. My goal for the long, dark winter months is to make new blog friends!

# # # # # # # # # # # #

Phew! That was hard. I was trying not to repeat the facts I gave in a previous post. I think I managed (note: no link to that post so you can't check up on me).

When Teresa accepted her award, she said that she might repeat some of the blogs that her awarder mentioned, and I fear I may do the same. I was going to try not to award blogs I've awarded before, but after trying that for a couple of minutes, I only got four, so I've included a couple from previous losts. They're all great, and nominated because of that reason: I don't follow blogs I don't enjoy.

S. L. Hennessy at Pensuasion
Rosalind Adam at Rosalind Adam is writing in the rain
TOM VOWLER at How to Write a Novel
Suzie F. at My Not So Secret Writing Life
 Alex J. Cavanaugh at Alex J. Cavanaugh
Sarah Pearson at Empty White Pages
LindaK at Excuse Me While I Note That Down...
Jenny at Fulfilling Dreams
Amy at Stuff and nonsense
Sally at Quiller's Place - View From The Shed

And a totally random one about fitness and training:
Team Aegis at Aegis Training | London Personal Trainers - Fitness News and Views

Eleven. Not bad. But time to address Number 7 in my list of facts about me!


  1. Ooh, Annalisa, Thankyou! How lovely to be nominated for an award!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the blog award! I'm so excited. And not just for the award - but also because you're a Man City fan!! I am too, and can you believe their last game? 6-1!!!! Take that Manchester United! And for the record, I hate shopping too, only when my friends drag me to a mall, I usually go hide in the book store. :)

    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you Annalisa, that's very kind of you :-)
    I'm a huge Liverpool supporter, and let me tell you, after last weekend? I'm LOVING your lot :-)

  4. I'm so honored! Thanks so much Annalisa! Also, following new blogs? I have trouble with that too >.<

  5. Linda - you're welcome!

    S.L - such a great game. I don't think I'll recover for a very long time.

    Sarah - Utd being beaten certainly brings everyone else closer together! I just hope they don't have their annual resurgence after Christmas.

    Jenny - I'm going to try to follow not just writing blogs, but other's as well - there's so much out there.

  6. Annalisa, thanks very much for the link and I'm delighted you enjoy our blog.

    PS-As a thank you, would you like a program to achieve that pull-up goal you mentioned? (you'll get more than one if you follow it) Get in touch and I'll mail it to you.


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