Tuesday 19 July 2011

Day 80... things that I've learnt...

So, today is the last day of the MYWYN challenge of writing 80,000 words in 80 days. You'll notice I'm blogging instead of writing any more of the novel - although, there'd be more words to my overall total if I included all the blog posts I've written since 1st May. However, I haven't counted, so I'm not adding them in.

The grand total is.... 43,457 words!

I thought, as I've already psycho-analysed my attempt, that I would list the things that I've learnt during this challenge:

- my family like clean clothes, but they're not so fussed about ironed clothes (until 5 minutes before they're due to go out!)

- the school day is not very long at all

- red pens have a habit of disappearing just when you really need them

- I write best with Absolute Radio, but Homes Under the Hammer works just as well

- I can't write without editing as I go along

- I'm probably not cut out for novel writing, but I've got my fingers crossed that a publisher is at least curious enough to read it.

Well, I think there are enough lessons there for one day.

I've really enjoyed this challenge. I've enjoyed the actual writing every day, the companionship of knowing others are attempting the same thing, keeping up to date via the Facebook group and everyone's blogs. I'd like to thank Sally Quilford for setting up this challenge, and I'll definitely be joining in with the next one. And also thank you to all the new followers of my blog on the back of this. I hope you've enjoyed reading my exploits as much as I've enjoyed reading all of yours!


  1. I love reading your blog Annalisa. And those are all good things that you learned. Though I'd have to say it's not just red pens that have a habit of disappearing.

  2. I'm one of those who found you through MYWYN so hello :)

    In my house everyone knows that I'll do the washing but if you want it ironed, learn how to do it!

  3. I decided to copy you and list the lessons I have learnt or need to learn from the challenge.

    Good luck next time!

  4. Jenny - thank you for reading. Have you learnt anything new with this challenge?

    Sarah - hello to you too. I think the lasting legacy of this round of MYWYN will be the new people we've all met.

    Miriam - I'm popping over to your blog to check out your list right now.

  5. I think it's been a great challenge and found some brilliant bloggers through doing it. It really did help with the motivation so I will hopefully be joining in next time it's on :)

  6. Rebecca, I found it comforting to know that other people were having the same problems as me. Especially after the first couple of weeks where we all seemed to fly, then all slumped together.


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