Tuesday 7 June 2011

Back into the swing of things

I know when it's time to update my blog, because my meagre traffic reduces to zilch, zero. This has almost happened again, therefore I post now.

I say almost because, for some reason that I have never managed to fathom, this post about spelling  is the most popular. It has, since it was written had about 70 views (which for this blog is quite a lot). This week, it's had hits from Iran, Norway and USA. All from Google. So there must be a search term people are using to get sent my way, but I can't work it out. Maybe you can suggest why...?

So, yes, this post is called Back into the swing of things because I've had a week off with my kids for half-term, and - and - the 6 weeks holiday is upon me in seven weeks' time, I was reliably informed by a friend.

That gives me seven weeks to get the rest of my novel written (there's another 40 days to go on that), read and polish three novellas that I'm hopefully submitting in August time, and enter six competitions - therefore readinh and polishing those six short stories, or writing new ones.

Three, two, one... go!!!!


  1. Okay, you're going to have a busy few weeks. Sleep is overrated anyway, right? :)

  2. Absolutely overrated! I'll hopefully brush up on my proof-reading too, as I've just spotted a typo.

    (signed because I can only comment on my own blog as 'anonymous' - sort it out, Blogger!)

  3. Talk about setting aside your social life for a bit! But it's worth it for accomplishments you're proud of I find.

    You mentioned contests, do those actually work at getting you published/noticed? Or maybe a better question is, do you find them worth it?

  4. Hi Jenny,
    As I've been bad at submitting stories, I almost reply on competitions. I like the fact that I know my story will be read. Last year I had a 1st prize and two 3rd prizes, so yes, that was worthwhile. The several years before that, and indeed this year, nothing at all.

    But, I notice the names of the winners and shortlisted, and they crop up again and again. When I see that name in a mag/online, I'm more likely to take an interest.

    Basically, it's hit and miss, but then so is everything else in publishing!

    (still anonymous lol)

  5. PS. That's rely NOT reply in the first sentence above - not usually this bad at random spelling mistakes!!

  6. No worries, I knew what you meant. And another contest question, what type of contests do you submit to? Local ones, small ones, big ones? And where would you recommend a newbie to contests start out?

  7. Enter any of them you fancy. I sometimes avoid the ones with big prizes , because everyone's attracted by the £1000 prize. Winning £100 for first place is better, in my opinion. Also, because my aim is to earn money, I avoid the ones where the prize is a writing retreat or book vouchers - if I want a retreat or a book, I buy it myself.

    Sally's website www.writingcalendar.com is fantastic and thorough.


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