Wednesday 30 April 2014

Bella's Point cover reveal

Elizabeth Seckman has the most gorgeous cover to reveal. I was lucky enough to beta read the novel, and it's a wonderful rolling story that you just don't want to end. I can't wait for the book to be released, but in the meantime...

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Did you know? After the American Civil War, the Reconstruction Act of 1867 divided the Southern US into five military districts and martial law was in place to help bring order to the chaos. 

Isabella Troy Stanley is a divorced, slave freeing pariah surviving in the shattered post Civil War south the only way a fallen debutante knows how. 
She heads to a Yankee prison and buys herself a husband. 

Jack Byron is the former Troy plantation stable boy and object of young Bella's affection. He rejected her then, and he's still not sold on the idea of marrying her now.  

 It’s complicated.

 Though to Bella, it’s simple: make Jack love her, marry her, and live happily ever after. The plan seems to least until her secret is revealed.

Elizabeth is a wife, a mom, and a writer. She has four wonderful boys, one dusty house, and three published books to her credit. Feel free to check them out and buy them HERE! Erm, the books, not the kids or the house...though all things in life are negotiable ;)

You can find her here - Blog // Facebook // Twitter

Cover art by Sprinkles on Top Studios.


  1. Congrats, Elizabeth! Seen her cover quite a bit.

  2. Congrats to Elizabeth. Beautiful cover.

  3. Congrats to Elizabeth!! And I had no idea we had martial law during that period. Interesting!

  4. Congrats, Elizabeth! It's gorgeous!

  5. very exciting and a lovely cover indeed.

  6. Thanks for stopping by to support Elizabeth. You're in for a treat when the book is released :-)

  7. The more I see this cover, the more I love it. :-D

  8. Congrats to Elizabeth on a beautiful cover and a book that sounds irresistible!

  9. It is a lovely cover. Those words "beta reader" - do they mean you were the second person to read it?

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  11. Blogger hates me tonight. It keeps adding my replies to the bottom, so I will just put them all here!

    Thanks so much Annalisa! Thanks for taking the time to beta, the kind words, and the cover love. You're an awesome, awesome friend!

    Thanks Alex, Christine, Mary, Joanne, Misha, and Ruth!

    Ex Pat, I didn't realize it either until I researched for the book. But i guess it makes sense. The south was in tatters and the rest of the country wasn't much better.

    Lizy, yes, a beta is second only to the writer in the reading order. They get to wade through the tears and the bad prose before sending out to the world!

  12. Book sounds really good, and the cover is gorgeous. Congrats, Elizabeth.

  13. I featured it on my blog today and my mom said, at lunch, "That first cover you posted? The book sounds really interesting. Where do I get the book?"

  14. Hi human, Annalisa,

    I was thrilled to note that the lovable Elizabeth, yes another one of my adoring fans, has been featured on your terrific site. I love when I get to see a reveal. Um, I love it when I see a cover reveal and that cover is beautiful. Hearty congrats to Elizabeth.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  15. Congrats to Elizabeth! The cover is stunning! :)


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