Sunday 22 May 2011

Submissions are the logical next step

After reading Jen Campbell's blog  it's occured to me that with all this novel writing malarky - and prior to that, some novellas which took up a lot of time - I've stopped submitting short stories to magazines. I still enter competitions, which - if you win - takes care of actually earning some money, but there was a time when I knew which were the best magazines to submit to, submitted prolifically, and I got a fair number published.

Now, I have no idea.

I think I stopped submitting regularly when every third new website seemed to be a literary journal of sorts. I've never been all that comfortable with online publishing, and it just seemed as though quantity was more important than quality - the choice was overwhelming. I've probably mentioned this aversion before, and I know the reasons seem very lame. The biggest reason is that I'm a set-in-my-ways 30-something, and I like holding magazines and books in my hand. It gives me much greater pleasure to see my name printed on a page than on a screen... because (another lame reason) I can write my own name on a screen!!

Seeing my work laid out on paper, properly type-set, with an illustration or two, just seems proper. But, after reading Jen's post about all the stories she's having published imminently, I feel like I'm being left behind. So, my mission, set in stone here today (albeit a bloggy stone) is to submit work to magazines again.

Now, all I have to do is work out which ones.


  1. Best of luck on your mission :)

    I know exactly what you mean about 'real' magazines. I'm trying to move with the times but it's not easy.

  2. Lots of luck with submissions. I have stopped writing short stories temporarily as I work on the novel. Let us know how you get on.

  3. Thank you, both. I won't be writing anything new. I've got lots of old stories that I'm so attached to, I have to keep sending them out to fly. It works. Last year I won a competition with a story that was about six years old. I'm definitely not able to write anything new... Although this morning I woke up with a title, and that's always my first step... watch this space!


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