Wednesday 11 May 2011

Day 12

Wow - day 12 already, and I'm still - for the most part - managing to write something meaningful every day (apart from today, that is).

My word count currently stands at 16,097! (I feel this should have a drum roll and someone announcing the figures like they do on Comic Relief, but I'll make do with hearing the voices in my head - please feel free to announce this number Comic Relief style too.)

Yesterday evening I hit another wobbly plot problem, so out came my trusty fountain pen. Somehow, writing longhand, with a pen that I love to use, helps the words and ideas flow better than through a keyboard. My wobbly plot problem came from the fact that one of my characters is deeply upset by world news events (all the bad war stuff and climate change - for those who know me.... yes, it's a little bit me, but I'm not going to react the way my character does). And in writing all this in my minamalist style I realised I was missing out a lot, and probably not conveying the true horror my character feels.

So, do I change the style, do I make his problems not quite as bad...?

At the moment, I haven't decided. I cheated, and wrote an entirely different section instead. It made me feel good that I was writing, and made the problem vanish, if only for a little while. I haven't added it to my word count yet, as it's all very scrawly longhand with lots of crossings out.

Today, instead of writing, I had a chat and hot chocolate with a friend, and then went shopping.

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  1. I'm practicing my very best comic relief voice here for you!

    I'm doing MYWYN as well and am keeping up although I'm suffering from 'new shiny idea of awesomeness that is loads better than my current WiP' today.

    Nice to get ahead a little so you have time for friends and shopping :) Best of luck and keep up the good work.


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