Thursday 19 May 2011

About Libraries

I'm currently reading through the novel stuff I've written already, because I had a horrible feeling I was losing the voice.... and I was right, I am. But it should be easily solved.

Anyway, because the writing stalled for a moment, I thought I'd talk about libraries again. If you remember, my last post about libraries was somewhat controversial, not least because I used to work in a library and a lot of the people who read this blog are librarians. I don't remember saying the words 'all libraries should be burnt to the ground and Harry Potter slaughtered', but that's what seemed to be implied.

Well, my local library has now closed one day a week, taking the current opening times to four and a half days a week. I'm fine with this - at least I am when I can get my head around which day it's closed. I'm fine with this because back in the day, it was only ever open for four and a half days a week, and everyone was happy with that.

But - oh, yes, it's a BUT all right - I do object to the plan I read in my local free paper earlier this week. A plan - but hopefully not the plan - is to further reduce my local library hours to fund other, smaller and less patronised libraries further down into Cornwall, to restore their opening hours to what they were before the cuts. Er, why, Mr Cornwall Council Man? Is that not a little unfair? Are we not all in this together?

My guess is that as the library also houses the Cornwall Council One Stop Shop, they're considering reducing the opening hours even further so they don't have to talk to us at all.

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