Wednesday 4 May 2011

Day Four

I thought posting every single day would be a bit boring for you to read. It would be along the lines of: wrote some words, crossed out some words. So I'll do a round up of a few days at a time.

At the end of last night, day 3, I'd written 3492 words in total, so I feel like I'm buzzing along quite nicely. Because I knew about this challenge weeks ago, and couldn't wait to get started, I wrote copious notes and did lots of research. My characters fly around the world quite a lot, so I needed to know what kind of sand they have on the beaches near Perth in Australia, and I still need to know whether there is a lake at Leicester University.

Some of the plot-lines which made sense in my head, have started to unravel. but today I decided to swap a couple of chapters around, and it solves the problem. If only all the problems could be sorted that quickly.

I've also noticed that I keep changing the voice I'm writing in. For the challenge, it doesn't matter too much - I suppose - but I need to have it right before I can move on. People who have done this kind of challenge before just write down the story, fly through it, and at the end they can go back and edit. Word count is important, not whether said or replied would fit better.

Hopefully I'll get the hang of it in time. And now... to the keyboard... (Oh look at that... I'm already here!)

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