Wednesday 22 June 2016

Blog Tour: Day 8, talking films with Libby

Ah, the half-way stage of the tour, but no slacking from me! Apart from the fact that I'm out for hot chocolate again, this time with my sister (yes, the shadow from Monday's post). And yes, there may be a little more shopping.

Today, I'm on Libby Heily's blog, talking about turning stories into films. As you'll know from Joanne Faries question the other day, my eldest is a budding film-maker, so perhaps I can ask persuade him to help me out...

I searched through my photo albums to find a good picture for this post, and stumbled across this one. This is the very notebook where all of the stories in You. I. Us. were conceived. In that beer garden, while listening to Hubby's lazy afternoon gig, I wrote two of the stories, one of which is In The Beer Garden...

The cider was nice too!


  1. hot chocolate in summer - you are crazy. Your blog tour is going by pretty fast

  2. That was a great blog question, too: which of your stories would be best made into a movie? I love the idea of a type of "female fight club" that keeps a group of older women "real." Really intriguing!

  3. I just stopped over and read your post today. Awesome stuff. Now I need to drop you some cookies to go with your cider.


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