Tuesday 14 June 2016

Blog tour: Day 2, Murees's turn

Thanks to everyone who visited Misha's blog yesterday, and got my tour off to a great start. Today I'm over with Murees Dupe answering possibly the most flattering question on the tour.

Here's a photo from a book signing at the weekend, in which I was completely unsure what to do with my legs, and my arms... In retrospect, the chair might have been a mistake.


  1. Hi Annalisa - well sometimes we need to put bum on seat ... but I'm sure you were up and talking to people about your book, books in general, your Costa Prize 3rd place ... etc ... you look slim and elegant there ... I hope the book signing went well ... cheers Hilary

    1. I never feel elegant, so I like that compliment :-) It did go well, thank you.

  2. Hope you're enjoying the tour!

  3. Love the photo! Heading over to read your post...

  4. Hey, you were in a bookstore for YOUR OWN signing. To heck with posing, start signing. Awesome!


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