Monday 27 June 2016

Blog Tour: Day 11, sharing wine with Suzanne

Hi guys, are you still with me? It's the final week of my tour!

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was spent mostly reading lots of newspapers trying to get to the truth about what's going to happen to my country next. As far as I can tell, not much for the moment. But that hasn't stopped a lot of people calling a lot of other people some nasty names, and all the political parties seem to be in turmoil. I think we've broken the political system...

In need of a cut?
(Yes, there's a reason why I'm not a political blogger!)

Today I'm telling Suzanne Furness all about my dream place to write, and simultaneously having my hair cut.

Tonight, England play Iceland in the first of their knockout rounds. On past experience, they only really need one!


  1. What a mess (politics, not your hair!) As for football - hurry up and finish, I want my Corrie back where it belongs! Anyone for tennis?

  2. Crazy week but I'm hoping we get a second Scotland referendum out of it. Still cheering for Wales - it has been proven to be physically impossible to support England from up here. ;) Looking forward to Murray at Wimbledon as well as the Olympics!

  3. Both of our countries are in a bit of a mess right now. Global Warming has taken on a whole new meaning.

  4. it all comes down to football anyway. Good luck!!!

  5. Nah... the political system was broken long before this, and on both sides of the Atlantic.

  6. Thanks for including me on your tour, Annalisa! So much going on in the world. Hope the haircut went well - I always get a bit stressed about them!


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