Monday 8 August 2011

Handing over my baby

Tomorrow I will be handing my novel in progress over to my lovely reader. (But don't let flattery sway you, Helen!)

I know this is important, especially with a novel. So far, from the very first germ of the idea around the middle of February, it's taken me six months to get to this stage (which is actually the shortest time I've ever taken to write anything over 10,000 words, so I'm quietly impressed with myself). Because a novel is a huge investment of time and energy - there are so many drafts and read-throughs still to complete - I need a reader to make sure I'm on the right track.

I know this is important, but I hate it. And I have no idea why. It really is like passing your precious new-born baby to a friend. You know he's in safe hands, but you're edgy until he's back in your arms.

To distract myself, I've given myself an impossible deadline to have a collection of stories ready to submit for a competition at the beginning of September. I thought they were pretty much complete, but now I've decided to rewrite the majority of them. There might not be a lot of blogging going on for a couple of weeks - instead I'll be battling inner demons, talking to ghosts and committing the odd - literary - murder!


  1. All the best with your targets Annalise, but don't forget to give yourself the occasional break :)

  2. Oh there are plenty of breaks too, Sarah. But I always feel a little bit lost when I haven't got a pen in my hand. And I'm starting to think I might not have enough time to rewrite my short stories... watch this space!

  3. I feel the same way every time I hand my stories over to someone. It's nerve wracking and almost has me going back to a childhood habit of bitting my nails.

    Good luck with all your stories for that collection!

  4. I've popped over to let you know I have an award for you over on my blog and reading this post, I thought I'd already commented on it, but it seems to have disappeared.

    I hope you managed to hand over your baby without too many worries. I do think it's very brave of you to do this. It's something I dread and I'm not sure I could do. Good luck with the short stories!

  5. I know what you mean. I do hope your 'baby' comes back with all its fingers and toes intact. Sounds like you're working really hard on the writing. Good luck with the competition. btw I've come via Rebecca's blog. We're sharing an award!

  6. Welcome to my blog Rosalind. I'm about to head over to yours.

    I love the idea of this award, don't you? A good way to meet lots of new bloggers!


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