Wednesday 20 March 2013

The post that keeps changing name

Apologies for being MIA during the Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest on Monday. I had my post up, then released no one could see my pictures, then - because I was already... erm, in a less than jolly mood - I pulled the post, sulked and didn't comment on any more posts.

Just so you know, I'm aware how lame that sounds.

I am so sorry. I feel like a teenager. All I needed was a pot of black paint and I'd have been in my element, and Hubby would have been left trying to wipe black paint off our ceilings.

So to make up for it, I'm taking part now. But - and this is REALLY IMPORTANT - I don't want you to comment. Because I sulked and didn't comment on yours - I did read them though! - you shouldn't comment on mine. Deal? In fact, to make sure you don't, I'm turning off comments.

Also, I've learnt my lesson, and I've taken off the pictures I attached the first time around. Without further ado, my films in no order at all are...

Love Actually Hugh Grant dancing, Emma Thompson listening to 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell, the seen at the wedding when the band start playing - there are so many scenes in this film that I love. It's the perfect Christmas film too - around about September, when I'm feeling Christmassy, I watch this film. And then I watch it on a monthly basis until Christmas, when it gets promoted to twice during Christmas week (it does help that as a gigging musician, Hubby is quite busy at that time of the year!)

Fight Club When I tell people I love this film, they assume it's because of Brad Pitt, but actually... no. Does no one get how awesome an actor Edward Norton is? Does no one love Helena Bonham-Carter as much as I do? This film grabs you from the opening!

Reservoir Dogs My favourite Tarantino film without a doubt. Magnificent soundtrack, brilliant dialogue, and - honestly - who hasn't mimicked the walk at one time or another? I first watched it with a group of friends when we were 17 - I was the only one to get the humour, everyone else sat in shock. They later caught up! While checking out the spelling of Tarantino (one R or two... simple stuff) I found these fun facts: George Clooney, David Dachovny and Samuel L Jackson all auditioned. It was a much bigger hit in the UK than the US, due to almost no promotion in the States.

It's a Wonderful Life Yes, I cry at this one too. I watch it every year. It used to be shown on TV, but one year when it wasn't, I went out and bought a copy. I love James Stewart, simple as that! The one scene that always bristles with me is when we see the spinster Mary - apparently if beautiful women don't marry at the right time, they turn into dowdy librarians who need to wear glasses and are scared when a man merely looks in their direction!

Shallow Grave Two years before Trainspotting, Danny Boyle made this film, a story of three flatmates who interview for a fourth. Any thing more than that would be a spoiler, if you haven't seen it - but I really recommend checking it out. It's very funny and dark. Boyle's father considers this to be his best work, according to a Top Gear interview I saw once (and then several times more, courtesy of Dave!)

The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey is amazing. That's all. Again, great humour and banter between the characters - dialogue is hard to write well, and that's even more obviously when you find a film where it's so very well done. I'm still completely astounded by people who don't get the ending... apparently, there are quite a few in the UK, and I know most of them. Head. Wall. Bang.

Fiddler on the Roof I think I've written about this film before. Long story short - my maternal grandparent's were Ukrainian - although not Jewish - but would have grown up in a similar village, albeit with less singing. As a result, my mum used to watch this film a lot, which meant I used to watch it a lot, so it's seeped into my psyche. Topol was made for the role of Tevye (fun fact: he was only in his thirties when he played the part).

Sliding Doors This is a film/book/story I wish I'd written. It actually encompasses my beliefs that our destiny is written (within reason), but our journey is our choice. I love John Hannah in this film... oh okay, I love John Hannah in any film.

Dogma Another film with fantastic dialogue, courtesy of Kevin Smith who also plays Silent Bob. Alan Rickman is perfect as the sarcastic voice of God. It's been a while since I watched this, so I can't make a full-on argument for this film. After listening to other people talking about this film, I realise you either love it or hate it.

10 Things I Hate About You There were several contenders for a Heath Ledger film (because he had to be included). My other favourite is A Knight's Tale... but - but - what swings in this film's favour is Ledger singing Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, and the look in his eye when he's sitting with Kat on the swing. And the awesome soundtrack. And, okay, I cry at the end of this one too.

There. I'm done. I hope we're friends again!
Normal blogging will resume soon.