Saturday 10 September 2011

And then there was one...

Phew! That was a busy few days. Now I'm all alone in my blog, sweeping up, putting chairs back upright, and taking the empties to the recycling centre!

It was good though - thank you to everyone who stopped by. I know I enjoyed 'meeting' lots of new bloggers - and I'm hoping to keep up with all of these new blogs. Don't know whether I'll get back to any actual writing though.... I'll have to be very strict with myself and maybe - argh, no, don't do it - turn off the wi-fi.... (If this was a soap-opera blog, there would be much staring into camera, Acorn Antique-style right now.)

On the whole, I realised I'm not as insecure as I thought I was (although my hubby will find that very hard to believe). And I also realised that I was giving out advice to people who had the same worries as me, even though I don't listen to that advice myself. Though, when other people gave me the same advice back, I thought 'Oh yes, they're so right!' In my job as a gym instructor, I give out advice all the time. And, I make sense. Yet I'm so appallingly bad at taking that advice myself. Even though I know it's good advice and should listen.

I put a lot of myself in each and every piece of work I write, so some of my doubts come from the fact that I'm sharing all my foibles. I don't write autobiographically, but there will be an idea that I've had, a comment I've made in real life, a situation that has happened included. I can't not do that. By nature of being a writer, you open yourself out and ask people to delve into your psyche.

But... that's the bit I like best!!


  1. You're never all alone Annalisa, you don't get rid of me that easily :-)

    You hit the nail in the head with your comments bout giving out advice that we don't take ourselves. Which is good, because it means we know what to do - even if it takes us time to do it :-)

    I'm so glad you joined the group.

  2. Oh, all the advise I've been given and seen on blogs that I know I should follow and yet haven't. *sigh* Maybe one day. When I actually remember the advice at the time I could use it.

    I tend to share a lot in my writing too. Sometimes I do it and find new areas of my own psyche that I didn't even know was there and them I'm really nervous about sharing! But sharing is the second thing I write for (the first is to get these ideas out of my head!)

  3. I think that's one of the great things about blogs, we give out tidbits of advice and it's stuff we usually need to hear ourselves. We just needed to find it in the right place!

  4. Sarah - I can always rely on you for a cheery, kind and useful comment, so thank you!

    Jenny - I honestly don't know how people who don't write cope with all the thoughts in their heads - writing them down seems like the most normal.

    Rebecca - we'll probably just end up reading our own advice on each other's blog! But I always read yours with interest - you always make sense!

    (I think I'm getting as addicted to exclamation marks as I am to semi-colons... any advice for that?)

  5. I agree with the others. We all do that 'giving out advice and not doing it ourselves' thing. That bloghop looks as if it was a real mammoth one and I'm so sorry I didn't take part but there's only so much any of us can fit into a day. Like you say, there comes a point when we actually do have to do some writing!

  6. Mammoth is the right word, Rosalind - it took me ages to settle back to the writing. I'll have to be a bit more strict with myself next month!


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