Thursday 3 February 2011

Real life

Hmmm, yes, real life... the stuff that gets in the way of my writing!!

But, I suppose, it has to intrude sometimes, otherwise I'd be locked in a ivory tower somewhere writing the same plot continually because I have no inspiration or input from the real world. And the literary world has already had that with Barbara Cartland!

Although, it's not like anything of immense importance has happened - I've done some housework, been to the gym, and worked some extra hours - which I suppose is the real reason the writing has got out of synch; for some reason the fact I'm going to work at 5pm means the whole day is mentally written off. I was hoping that after 15 months of this job and all these hours free, I'd have sussed the housework/writing/working thing, but apparently not.

A lot of my inspiration has come during my workouts at the gym recently, which means I'm trying to write notes while gasping for breath and trying not to slow down on the cross trainer. Perhaps it's all the extra oxygen in my system that's gearing up the brain.

I suppose I should go... got some spring cleaning to do... er, I mean writing...

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