Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Rendezvous #AtoZchallenge

At the park gates, I pause. What if I don’t recognise him? What if he decides this is a bad idea, or ignores me?
Let’s meet, right here, in exactly one year’s time.
What if he’s forgotten?
I almost turn away, my feet shuffling backwards until I bump into a young family and have to mutter my apologies.
Stupid woman, just go in. If he’s not there, I’ve simply had a nice walk. If he is…
If he is… I guess we’ll have some kind of awkward chat. He might explain that he fell in love with someone else during our separation, but he’d love to introduce me to her. Or he might stare at me with horror and release he never loved me. He might make his excuses, or pretend he hasn’t seen me and just walk on by.
Perhaps I should have some kind of story lined up: a whirlwind husband of my own, maybe? Something to comfort myself with, if nothing else.
I pull the photo from my pocket, the one I want to show him, but I’m not sure I will, not yet.
The clouds are drawing in; it’ll rain soon. I might have to invite him back to my flat; it’s not far. I walk along the path, staring intently at every man who walks past; maybe I really have forgotten what he looks like! Dark hair or blond? Is he as tall and broad as I remember?
And then he’s there, sitting on the exact bench we agreed to. He stands when he sees me, awkwardly walking forward, unsure whether to hug me, shake my hand or simply nod and say, “I wasn’t sure you’d remember.”
“Me neither, whether you would, I mean.”
“You look well.”
“You too.”
He looks along the path. “I’m not sure what we should do now.”
“It’s been a long time.”
“It’s not like this in the films, is it? I kind of thought I’d sweep you off your feet.”
“You would have done, last year.”
“Yes.” He pauses.
I feel for the photo in my pocket, and leave it there.

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  1. What's the photo?! A baby, whose life he could have been a part of if he stuck around a year ago?? I'm hooked...

    You can find me here:

  2. Wow. You're killing me smalls!! Haha

  3. Hi Annalisa - great story line .. and yes what is their ending .. what does the photo show ... maybe it's their child ... let us know please! Cheers Hilary

  4. My guess is a baby, too. Great piece!

  5. beautifully written and the little mystery of the photo makes it very engaging

  6. Real life never turns out like in the movies! Great story:)

  7. Gah- don't leave me hanging like that. I need to know what happens next!!!

  8. You always do a good job of making us want more. ;)

  9. Nice! You most definitely hooked me.

  10. Ooh, curiosity city here. What is in that damn photo? I'm dying to know!

  11. Like everyone else I want to know more. Dying to know more about the photo and what made them decide on this one year meeting in the first place. I get the impression this meeting will be their last.

  12. Great way to capture and build on awkward tension Annalisa.

  13. I love an open-ender and this is great. I could feel the awkwardness.Love it!

  14. you indeed captured real life and not a film version. Rather sad, but hope she can move on now.

  15. I know we can beg, but you're not likely to tell us what the picture is, are you? hehe

    My first thought was a fake husband she could use to either save face if he'd lost interest in her or ditch him if she'd lost interest in him. She decided to leave it in her pocket because there is still a bit of spark. But all the baby guessers have me thinking baby...so tell us?

  16. I want to know more about the photo too! Why did they have to wait a year before seeing each other again? What happened between them? Will they stay together? So many questions! Great story :)!

  17. Aww, I want to know more! (said in whining tone) What happened, then and now? Is it a child, their child she has a photo of? Questions without answers, no fair. Ha ha! Had me right from the start. Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

  18. Yes... what is on the photo!?! His child? A newspaper clipping of the teen who holds their secret coming out of a coma? Her cluttered writing desk? Inquiring minds want to know. Wonderful cliffhanger. :D

    Scribbles From Jenn - Visiting from the A to Z Challenge

  19. Oh, that sounds awkward. Was this a good idea? Curious about the photo.

  20. Jenn had some good suggestions! Yes, what was in the photo?

  21. If she doesn't w a nt to show him ye t, i hopecthe y go for s coffee and get reac quainted

  22. Because you all asked the same question, I'm going for a joint reply today...

    Ah, but do I want to reply? Should I keep it a secret?

    In truth, I have no idea why they parted, but I did have in mind that the photo was of their child together. But, once I wrote it, I realised that might be the most obvious thing in the world, so I kind of hope it isn't.

    The one thing I love more than anything about writing vignettes is that I don't have to give any answers, and indeed I don't need to have any. It's like listening in to a conversation as you walk past a bus stop, you'll only ever get a snapshot of the issue and have to fill in the details yourself. Well, if you're a writer you will. If you're not, you probably don't even bother to listen :-)


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